Work with PSD to train your next Working Dog

PSD Kennels and PSD Training Academy has launched a new program for clients who want to participate in the development and training of their new working dog puppy. It is an extremely rewarding and challenging experience taking a puppy from ground zero to the completion of a happy, healthy, productive trained dog. This program is a great opportunity for those who want to build a strong relationship between themselves and the dog who will become a member of their family.

Whether you are looking for a personal protection dog for your family, a police dog for your unit, or even if you are in need of a tracking or detection dog, building a stable bond between yourself and the dog you will be working with is crucial to the success you both can experience.

Not only will you be working side by side with the PSD Kennels and Training Academy’s staff in the growth and training of your companion, but your purchase of a puppy will save a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Pick your Puppy and start learning puppy Obedience

  • The program begins with the purchase of an 8-12 week old puppy, bred from titled, proven, working dogs, who are sound with drive, but also in appearance. Depending on the breed of your
    puppy, the initial price will vary. The following breeds are available:
  • German Shepherd
  • Dutch Shepherd
  • Belgian Malinois

The average cost of a fully trained working dog ranges from
$25,000 to $150,000, which normally is paid in full at the time of purchase. However, one of the main ideas of the puppy program is to spread the cost of a fully trained dog over a twelve to 24 month month period. This way, not only would you get the chance to be a part of your dog’s development, but there is a substantial savings included.

A cost effective way to a trained Canine Protection Dog PSD or MWD

PSD Kennels and Training Academy established this program because we understand the value of a top quality working dog, and the benefits they can
provide. Furthermore, we understand the economic strains of day to day life. Through this program, we are enabling the client to have the security, reliability,
and companionship of a professionally trained animal at a much more manageable cost.

Enjoy your puppy and go through the training with him

Upon your purchase, PSD Kennels and Training Academy will provide you with all the necessary training techniques needed to properly socialize and acclimate your dog to his or her new environment. At around six months, the puppy is returned to the facility for obedience training. This training takes approximately three weeks  to complete. Once this portion of training is complete, Worldwide professionals will work with you to assure proficiency between +you and your dog. This process is repeated at approximately 12-15 months for the last phase of desired training. During this time your dog will learn the required skills needed for your particular situation, whether that be protection, detection, patrol, etc.

We look forward to helping you train your next Malinois German or Dutch Shepherd! 601-299-0264